My name is Meghan and I am a lifestyle photographer specializing in wedding and engagement photography, family & senior portraits. I take pictures of memories, simple as that.

Did you ever have one of those life-changing moments of clarity when you realized what your purpose in life was? When I held a camera and realized I could make time stand still, that I could make my daughter stay a baby forever, I had that “Ah-ha!” moment.

Your memories are precious. Today is a memory tomorrow. And you need someone you can trust to capture the happiness, the love, the emotion, the story of you! I am thrilled to be a photographer and every story is different and being asked to tell it for you is an honor.

I consider you a friend if you ask me to photograph you, because pictures are a very personal thing. As you look through my work I hope you find something that speaks to you, that you connect with in someway, and when you need a photographer I hope you think of meghan g!